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Slenders (a.k.a. copy and pastes) are a pretty common avatar type found in Roblox.


It is incredibly easy to spot a Slender. Slenders will generally be very tall & have a medium skin tone with spiky black hair and black and ripped clothing. They will sometimes have "expensive" chains around their neck and will almost always wear the Stich or It's Go Time faces. They will generally hang out in groups of 2 - 5, although there might only be one or more than five.


Slenders are unfunny piece of shit good-for-nothing ugly obese pre-teens that trash-talk others online while they hide in their parents' basement. The outstanding feature about them is their complete lack of respect towards anyone with an opinion they don't agree with, and their overuse of skull emojis and always relying on their friends for everything (aka teaming) They love to bypass the Roblox chat filter and most definitely received a ban at least once or twice as a result.

How to anger[]

Slenders are very easy to piss off. All it takes is questioning their antics in order to spark that conversation into a full-on war.

Method 1: Insults[]

Ideally, you have to say are rude comments about their outfits and style, such as "Your hair looks like black licorice protruding out of an egg" or "You look like the dollar store version of Dracula," or "I have some really good advice; stop insulting people, and go fuck yourself." They will generally respond with a thank you as if its a compliment, but other times they may choose to insult back or their friend will jump to their defense.

Method 2: Loopkilling[]

Another way to antagonize a slender is to repeatedly kill them if its a PvP game. At first, the slenders will think it's "funny" or "idiotic of you" but don't be fooled. In real life, the slenders are at the brink of smashing their keyboard (or phone) due to getting overwhelmed with frustration, that is dying in an online Lego game. After killing them several more times they may call for buddies or start bypassing the filter. If they do so, report them, because contrary to popular belief, Roblox does actually read reports (I've been banned before due to bypassing). Alternatively, they may accuse you of exploiting. If they haven't already left the game at this point, they may actually become so pissed off to the point of them exploiting themselves. However, two can play that game. If you're comfortable with doing so, download an executor (good free ones include Krnl, Oxygen U, & Sentinel.) and load a script for the game or a good fling script, like Infinite Yield. Alternatively, if you're not comfortable with exploiting, don't attempt to report them for exploiting, it's no use. Roblox does not read exploit reports. If you're lucky, the game's anticheat (if any) may help you kill them, but I wouldn't rely on that since most anti cheats are shit.